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The FGED Society was formed in 1999 at a meeting on Microarray Gene Expression Databases in recognition of the need to establish standards for sharing and storing data from DNA microarray experiments. Originally named the "MGED Society," the society began with a focus on DNA microarrays and gene expression data.

In 2010 the society changed its name to the "Functional Genomics Data (FGED) Society" to reflect its current mission which goes beyond microarrays and gene expression to encompass data generated using any functional genomics technology applied to genomic-scale studies of gene expression, binding, modification (such as DNA methylation), and other related applications.

The FGED Society has continued to hold annual scientific meetings and operates as a non-profit public benefit 501(c)(3) organization.

Historical highlights of the FGED Society's accomplishments can be found on our Mission page.

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